Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/ml

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Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/ml

Methenolone Enanthate 100 
is an injectable steroid which contains the hormone methenolone enanthate in a preparation of 100 mgs per ML.

The ester of this compound makes it slow acting, and thus means that injections can be less frequent. Bodybuilders using this steroid often follow a dosage schedule of two-three shots per week.

Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan) as it is often called, is a very popular steroid amongst bodybuilders who are in the "cutting" phase of their training and dieting. This steroid is very mild in its nature and seems to work exceptionally well with calorie restricted diets.

Primobolan 100 will not aromatize in the body, therefore estrogenic side effects such as bloat should not be a concern. Bodybuilders with reasonably low bodyfat will notice an increase in definition and lean muscle mass.

This steroid was reportedly a long time favorite of the great Arnold Schwarzenagger. Many attribute Arnold's use of this drug to his ability to keep such a small waist and aesthetic looking physique. Primobolan is also a very popular "bridging" steroid, meaning that bodybuilders sometimes use a steady dose of it in between their regular cycles to keep the body in a more anabolic state that natural, but while not keeping natural testosterone shut down as harshly as some other steroids will do.

Those looking to use Primobolan in a cycle might stack it with a low dose of a testosterone and an oral such as Stanozolole or Oxandrolone. Primobolan 100 is also a very popular steroid with women bodybuilders where it's low androgenic properties and mild nature makes it a very safe choice for them to use. Male bodybuilders often use Primobolan in a dose of 300-800mgs a week, anywhere from 8-16 weeks, while women find that a dosage 50-100 mg will generally yield desirable results.

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